7 Quirky Knife Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

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Today’s knives are relatives of sharp tools utilized hundreds of thousands of years ago. While a stone-age knife of the early human history may not seem to have much in common with advanced stainless steel knife we have today, what is the same is a sharp edge on a hard substance.

Here Are Some Quirky Knife Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know.

Knife handles come in a variety different types of materials.


Polypropylene and POM (Polyoxymethelene) and various woods are examples of handle materials. Polypropylene, commonly known as plastic, is widely used to keep the overall cost of the knife lower than that of knives made of more expensive handle materials. POM (Polyoxymethelene) is more durable than polypropylene and has all the positive properties of plastic – an extremely high melting point and the ability to meet stiff sanitation regulations. Natural woods and wood composite products are also used for knife handles.