The Most BRUTAL Self Defense 9MM Ammo!!

A Review Of The G2 R.I.P Self Defense Ammo

The RIP is a 96-grain, CNC-machined, solid copper bullet available in 9mm and (recently) .380. G2 Research has also come out with a .40 and .45 ACP version of this round.

One of the major selling points is what G2R calls its Trocar tip design. The tip of the bullet is cut into eight sections—each weighing about 5 – 6 grains—which are designed to break off in eight different directions as the hollow point penetrates, leaving a 50-60 grain core.

Check out this video review which includes chronograph velocities, day and night shots, test shot; post-shot review of the cavity, penetration, diameter, and retained weight. If we were in a life or death situation where we have to choose one 9MM round to get the job done this round would give conventional hollow points a fair run for their money.