Better Than A Glock? The Springfield XD Reviewed!

The New Choice For A Service Pistol?

The Springfield XD and the XDm series of pistols just rock. If you have ever had any experience shooting one of them, you know they are a total riot! I shoot better with an XD than with a Glock. Most users will shoot the XD better due to its better ergonomic grip that feels oh, so comfortable.
The XD pistol in stainless steel ranks up on the top of my list for a service pistol. What I mean by service pistol is that it is great for LEO’s and open carry. I believe it is much to large to be comfortably carried every day in a concealed holster. You just won’t appreciate it. A Glock 26 or XDs offers a much smaller and comfortable option for you as a backup weapon or a primary concealed/open carry option for you as a civilian.
The Glock pistols can fully shine in the sub-compact role whereas the full size ones just don’t feel good in my hands.