The 10 Things You Don’t Have to Survive SHTF

What’s the catastrophe that’ll hit your city?

So, you think you are prepared to survive an apocalypse on any level, whether it is a power outage that extends for weeks or something much more dire that leaves you on your own for months. You probably aren’t. You aren’t as ready as you could be. It is incredibly difficult to try and think of every little and big thing you may need to survive after a major disaster or even the zombie apocalypse if that is your thing.

These are 10 things you probably don’t have, but need to consider getting right away to cover all of your bases.

  1. Safety pins. Seriously, so simple, so cheap and so easy to get your hands on today. They can be used to keep a jacket closed, replace a missing button on your pants or to dig out a sliver. They can keep a tent door closed or hold an ACE bandage on nice and tight.
  2. Shoestrings. Another, oh yeah, kind of thing. It is pretty tough to walk in shoes or boots without any strings. Your shoes will probably last longer than the laces, plus you can use extra laces as cordage.
  3. Jelly jars, mayo jars, pickle jars and, well, you get the point. Jars can be used to store water, carry water or even used to preserve food. There is something called heat sealing that doesn’t require you to use a pressure canner. Check into it.
  4. Zip ties. These can be bought at your local home or auto store. They will come in handy if you need to build a quick shelter, hold a door shut, hang a flashlight or even create cordage. There are hundreds of ways to use zip ties.
  5. Paper, pens and pencils. You won’t be sending emails and text messages. If you need to remember something or send a message, it is going to be done the old fashioned way. It is also going to come in handy should you need to sketch designs or keep the kids busy.
  6. Matches. Yes, you have a few boxes of matches stashed away, but how far is that going to get you? You are going to be relying on fire to heat your home or shelter, purify water and cook food. You may have to start multiple fires a day. You also have to account for those duds. Stock up and don’t stop stocking up on matches—it isn’t like they expire.
  7. Sandwich bags. Again, you probably have a box in the cupboard, but they are so handy and will definitely prove useful when you want to keep sliced food fresh, jerky or carry water. They can be used to keep those matches we just talked about dry along with tinder and what not.
  8. Plastic grocery bags. Yes, they are horrible for the environment, but if you have them, hold onto them. They will prove very useful post-apocalypse. Carrying water, keeping the house tidy, waterproofing your shoes or use them to carry what you scavenge. You will need them.
  9. Cat litter. Yes, a little pricey and a little bulky, but have you thought about the bathroom situation post collapse? Exactly. Litter will come in handy. It can also be used to help get you out of the snow if you happen to be heading for the hills in a bug out vehicle.
  10. Baking soda. This is probably the most important item on the list. It is an excellent cleaning substance and can be used medicinally in a variety of ways and of course, the obvious, cooking.

These items are fairly innocuous and inexpensive. Add them to the cart each time you go to the store.