Are You Gambling With Your Life?

Lone-wolf terrorist attacks. Mass shootings. Civil unrest. Massive protests. Natural Disasters.

What’s the catastrophe that’ll hit your city?

Getting caught unprepared in a disaster scenario is no different than playing Russian roulette.

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  • Mistakes for long-term food storage that could cost your life (Read page 9)
  • An essential/vital prepping grocery list to survive any catastrophe (Read page 13)
  • 4 different water purification methods that can be adapted for any disaster situation
  • The secrets to getting support from other people, even if you live alone
  • Essential car survival tips if you drive to and from work
  • How gaining a psychological edge can be the difference between life and death
  • The way you’ll be able to live comfortably without electricity or Internet
  • Essential tools you must stockpile in order to survive a disaster
  • How to gain a psychological edge in a terrorist attack (Read page 36)
  • An essential tool that will keep you alive in a pandemic outbreak (Read page 38)
  • Situational awareness tips taught to covert CIA agents

When you read the 46-page book developed by ABP Tactical, you’ll be equipped with the same knowledge taught to America’s elite Special Forces operators.

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If the unexpected were to happen, would you know the essential items to carry with you?

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