The Most Important Survival Item you don’t have

Having a single tool that can be used to take care of multiple tasks in a survival situation is an ideal option. The idea that you can have one item in your pack taking up space rather than numerous tools is what many people look for. They don’t want to waste money buying a bunch of tools or worry about making sure everything was packed. They also don’t have to worry about making room for several pieces of gear necessary for survival.

This shovel is like a multi-tool on steroids. It has numerous functions, is durable and it may very well be the one thing that saves your life in a pinch. Every hiker, camper and motorist is advised to take along a shovel for a variety of reasons. It can be used to dig a firepit, dig for water or to take care of human waste.

Now, what if you could have a shovel that not only worked for digging, but the handle was filled with valuable tools. You need a knife, which is one component of the handle that comes apart when needed. The durable knife can be used to saw branches, cut cordage or to make kindling for a fire.

A fire starting tool is an absolute necessity in survival. A magnesium stick is the perfect solution because it can be used over and over with no additional tools needed. That is yet another component that is tucked neatly inside the handle of the shovel.

How about a hammer to drive in tent spikes or to break ice? That is also a part of this handy shovel. A screwdriver isn’t exactly the easiest tool to carry in your backpack. It could poke or damage your other gear, but when it is sheathed, like it is in the shovel handle, it is a safe tool. To top things off, literally, the top of the shovel handle is a compass.

So, not only is the ABP shovel a very necessary tool to carry into the wilderness or stored in the trunk of the car, the numerous additional tools carefully encased inside the handle are an added bonus. You don’t have to worry about trying to stuff a long tool in your pack. The head of the shovel folds up to make it a bit more compact.

Never go anywhere without the tools you need to survive just in case disaster happens to strike. Be ready for any surprise storm or some other apocalyptic scenario that leaves you with what you have at hand.